How-to find your Army W-2

Q: I am try­ing to track down my 2011 W2 form from the Army, do you know how I can find it?

–Rox­anna, Texas

A: Lots of folks are prob­a­bly won­der­ing about that right now! I just printed my Army W-2 from the myPay web­site. Log on as usual and print the W-2 from the menu. Easy, peasy! Thank you for your service!

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17 responses to “How-to find your Army W-2”

  1. What about a retiree? Where can he find his W2?

  2. Steven…Military Retired pay is reported on a Form 1099-R. If you were retired for all of 2011 your retire­ment income should be reported there. 1099-Rs can be accessed on the myPay site. You might have received one in the mail as well.

    - Curt Sheldon

    1. My hus­band had a gen­eral dis­charge and we have tried the process to change his mypay info and he can’t remem­ber his pass­word or any­thing and when we enter his social it gives us a num­ber to which never works as well it july and we haven’t been able to file yet

  3. What if you can’t remem­ber your login?

  4. Trina…On the log-in page you can click on “For­got Login” (or words sim­i­lar to that). You can then work through the process to get a new login. You can also work through the process if you for­got your pass­word too.

    - Curt Sheldon

  5. And if your retire­ment doesn’t coin­cide with Decem­ber 31 and/or you receive a back-dated VA dis­abil­ity award, don’t expect DFAS to issue you a W-2c. After down­load­ing my last active W-2 (par­tial year) from the left col­umn on MyPay and then down­load­ing my first retired 1099 (par­tial year) from the right col­umn on MyPay, I called both DFAS and VA to see who/how both agen­cies were going to make tax-withheld amounts cor­rect to file an IRS return. DFAS said, “suck it up, fig­ure the math out the best you can, and just sub­mit the right amount on your 1040 regard­less of what your last W-2 shows. Very anx­ious to see WHEN, not if, I get audited any cus­tomer ser­vice rep will fess up to the tax advice they are issu­ing these days from DFAS.

    1. Doug…Unfortunately, you’re right. No one in gov­ern­ment is going to help you with this. You can how­ever, adjust the amount from your 1099-R (you won’t adjust your W-2) that you declare as income on your 1040. You need to explain it and ref­er­ence Rev­enue Rul­ing 78–161 and the Strick­land Deci­sion. For more details check out my blog “Amat Vic­to­ria Curam”, which focuses on finan­cial strate­gies for mil­i­tary pro­fes­sion­als. Best of luck. Curt Sheldon

  6. How can I get a copy of my dd-214 mil­i­tary dis­charge papers,lost papers some time ago, need to apply for ben­e­fits. Thanks n advance.

    1. Which branch you served in?

      1. army

    2. If you have trou­ble through offi­cial chan­nels just sub­mit through the Free­dom of Infor­ma­tion act and sub­mit the paper­work to get a copy.

  7. I have a friend who’s hus­band died over­seas in early 2011 and she now is fil­ing her taxes for then. She is fil­ing joint and needs her deceased hus­bands W-2.… Is this the form she should be look­ing for, and is there any­thing else she needs to get for her taxes? — She doesn’t have access to his my pay and is hav­ing a very hard time. Any suggestions?

  8. how do i find my w2 if i was dis­charged in 2011

  9. how do i find my w2 if i was sep­a­rated from boot camp in 2012

  10. Hus­band was dis­charged from the army in Octo­ber and we can not access his mypay anymore..I need to know how we are going to be receiv­ing our W2?

  11. I’m try­ing to file my 2009 tax return, but I lost my tax return. I still have all my infor­ma­tion except the filer’s infor­ma­tion. My ques­tion is is the filer infor­ma­tion the same on every army w2 form, if so can some­body tell me what it is please?

  12. Hello! I’m try­ing cre­ate a new account on myPay to get my 2010 W2 from the army.

    So I go to “Cre­ate an Account” and myPay asks me for my SSN and pass­word. So I make up a pass­word because I’m “Cre­at­ing an Account”

    And myPay replies “The com­bi­na­tion you entered is incor­rect. Please try again.”

    So how can I cre­ate a new myPay account when it won’t let me?

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